About Me
My name is John Magluilo Jr. I am currently a student at the Pennsylvania State University (University Park - State College Campus). I am pursuing a double major in Information Sciences and Technology and Communication Arts and Sciences in addition to a minor in Business (please see explanations below). I feel my portfolio gives a good introduction of my experiences, accomplishments, skills, and abilities. This portfolio is designed as a preview/supplement so please feel free to contact me with any questions/comments or for further information.
Information Sciences and Technology
IST is a different kind of information technology degree then any other offered. It goes beyond hardware and programming to leadership and problem-solving with technology. This program was originally designed by several large corporations including, by not limited to: IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PNC Financial Services Group, Lockheed Martin Management and Data Systems, etc. The CEO's, CIO's, Presidents, and recruiters of these companies were in search of a certain kind of technically savvy individual. They sought to find new hires which could both understand a variety of technologies, but also have the ability to lead, manage, and communicate. The IST major was then created to fill this void. Today the program is constantly updated by over twenty individuals from both large and small companies. Their input is used to mold the perfect information technology student.
Communication Arts and Sciences
The CAS program focuses on interpersonal communication, problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking. This major is especially applicable to our nation's future leaders in business, politics, and human services. Using different means of communication, students are taught to think critically, make effective arguments, solve problems, get along with all kinds of people, form effective close relationships, and function effectively as a member of a democratic community.
Such skills taught within this program reinforce the necessities of any good IT professional. CAS graduates can better understand the problem presented to them and better communicate the best solution. The program helps build strong leadership skills to reinforces group work. With the ability to speak publicly, the solution can be presented to not only coworkers, but also managers, CIO's, etc.
The Business Minor provides students with a business-oriented supplement to their academic major. It is designed to introduce students to a variety of fundamental business skills. This introduction into business supplements an Information Technology degree by giving the student a preview of the corporate world, how it works, and what is required. This certificate prepares students with a broad range of information including, but not limited to: economics (micro and macro), marketing, organization, leadership, and accounting.