Business Courses
Analysis of problems of the small firm, particularly for the student who wishes to venture into business.
In this course I learned about the ins and outs of owning/managing a business. The most interesting part was the regulations and laws which businesses must follow. I also enjoyed learning about how to manage a business and what you must personally dedicate in order to succeed.
The principal objective of the course is to enable students to analyze major microeconomic issues clearly and critically. Students will be introduced to the methods and tools of economic analysis, and these analytical tools will be applied to questions of current policy interest. Learning these methods and tools and applying them to interesting policy questions and issues is sometimes called "thinking like an economist." An important goal of this course is to take each student as far down the road of "thinking like an economist" as possible.
Microeconomics gave me a new outlook on the the way our country functions and what controls market and pricing conditions.
To provide a better understanding of how economists study the economy as a whole. This course is designed to help you better understand the world you live in, to make you a more astute participant in the market place and to provide you with the tools necessary to analyze the potential and limits of economic policy. The tools of macroeconomic analysis will be developed and applied to the national economic problems facing the U.S. and other market-orientated economies. Such problems include recessions, economic growth, inflation, unemployment, consumer spending & saving, fiscal & monetary policy, national debts & deficits, international currencies and trade.
I was introduced to many new concepts and ideas dealing with national economic issues. I can now understand and apply basic economic models.
Introduction to business statistics including topics in probability theory, sampling, inference, quality assurance, regression, forecasting, and simulation.
Statistical analysis is a lot more in depth then I could have imagined. I learned the correct way to gather and organize data, along with how to take a sample and predict new values. I was very surprised how accurate forecasting could be.