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This course teaches students to be able to: diagnose the effectiveness of a group's dynamics, predict its problem solving success, and make recommendations that will improve performance, utilize proven techniques for improving group satisfaction and success, successfully communicate a complex idea to a specific audience to show your understanding of communication as a process, and formulate problems, brainstorm solutions, and choose and defend (with appropriate arguments and evidence) a viable solution.
This course, by promoting and teaching about group environment and work, has prepared me for many types of job situations. I can effectively participate or run a meeting, lead a group, and speak in front of an audience.
History and theory of public advocacy and civic discourse.
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Overview of the skills necessary to evaluate commonly reported communication research.
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Introduction to intercultural communication. Focus on topics such as language, identity, prejudice, and inter-group relations on a domestic/ international level.
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Introduction to communication technology and information management; intended for students in the Liberal Arts.
Knowing a lot about technology I wasn't sure how much I would learn in this course. A communication twist was put on every technology we learned about which made every lesson interesting. The course also required me to work in a team to prepare and execute a lesson. In total, I learned a lot about communicating on both a small and large scale.
Theory and application of interactive internet-based communication and information management; for students who want a Liberal Arts approach.
Web design was the main focus of this class. What made it different from other courses was it being less focused on advanced HTML and more focused on how to convey to your audience the best. Peer evaluation was a very helpful tool in this class.
This is an internship related course. My professors for CAS 283 were very pleased with my skills that they asked me to participate as a Teaching Assistant. My main task will be to grade assignments but also to aid in lectures and give my input as the course is recreated.
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