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Energy utilization and technological development, energy resources, conversion and consequences on the local and global environment, and future energy alternatives.
The course was based on the different types of energy (solar, hydro, coal, oil, etc.) and the process by which each is converted into a usable source. The history and future of energy was also covered.
Exposure to energy efficiency in day-to-day life to save money and energy, and thereby protect the environment.
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This course is designed to help you develop new ideas about thinking and writing. As part of this course, you will learn about language, current events, broader social problems, processes of thought, and human nature.
This course has opened me up to new and better writing styles specifically techniques to convince your audience of a specific idea or action.
Introduction to consumers' role in health-care decisions, including health benefits, physician and hospital choice, and end-of-life choices.
This course was great learning experience for both a consumer and business side. As a consumer I now know what to look for in a health care provider and the different section of health care. On the business side I know what affects pricing, policies, and health care providers' decisions.
Functions, graphs, derivatives, integrals, techniques of differentiation and integration, exponentials, improper integrals, applications.
Calculus has become an integral part of any type of computer work, whether that be programming or consulting. Topics I learned in this course enable me to be a better student, broadening my horizon.
This course familiarizes students with concepts and problems in the philosophy of science and scientific method, with a view towards problems of truth and the philosophical foundations of scientific inquiry. The course develops students' abilities to reason inductively as well as deductively and to examine the nature of reasoning and its role in scientific inquiry. Students will be graded on participation, case study analyses, a group presentation and response, and a final paper.
This being for first philosophy course, it was quite an experience. I learned how to view principles and ideas from many angles. The course focused on the scientific method which gave me new ideologies as to how to do research and how the scientific world works.
Studies ethical problems, human values, and politics in differing media forms and the ways media shape such problems and values.
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Audio-lingual approach to basic Spanish; writing.
Basic vocabulary and grammar was taught in the course. Vocabulary includes alphabet, numbers, greetings, and other commonly spoken words. Grammar focused on present tense.
Audio-lingual approach to basic Spanish continued; writing.
This course built on Spanish I. Vocabulary was expanded in all directions and grammar included past and future tenses.