Other Courses
Compilation of Persuasive Papers
About the project: Once I chose a topic of writing, I needed to select a side of the argument and with sufficient research and analysis, persuade the audience.
What I learned: I learned how to write in a way that would keep the readers attention even if they do not agree with me and in the progress, convince them to believe my side of the argument.
Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, chapters 11 and 12
About the project: After reading Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, I needed to summarize and present chapters 11 and 12 in the form of a written document and a power point presentation.
What I learned: The assignment gave me an indepth view of Kuhn and his thoughts on revolutions and the workings of life. I learned about the way people think, according to Kuhn, and also the processes needed for a scientific revolution.
Relationship to Philisophy Concepts
About the project: In Philosphy 011 i learned many concepts dealing with the thought process of the human brain the the workings of the universe. This project called for a relationship of these ideas, while citing specific examples, to be created to any given topic of my choice; I chose string theory.
What I learned: While working on this essay I gained a firm grasp on the beliefs of Kuhn and several other philiosphers of both the past and the present. I also learned a great deal about string theory, a new and fasinating topic of physics.